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Jan 24, 2009

Renaissance: Portrait of a Son -- [My tribute to] Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes

My tribute to Langston Hughes
by Deborah White

He always wrote
with the strength & endurance
of noir silk

and sometimes, he'd die
on the same page --

he too, was America;

the darker
brother who scribed of rivers;

he'd known rivers,
he'd known the deep
onward movement
of Congo currents.

If you crack open
a binder you'd find

him sitting
in Harlem's Cotton Club
or Savoy's Ballroom track
at a table under

puffs and swirls
from the continent without cold;

and he'd jot
to the struck wired
strings, of Ellington,

scribble along
with Calloway's
chest rolled

Then, you'd notice
his soul
would meander
back to the rivers --

look close,

watch him drink
from Euphrates' mouth
handfuls of Black-men hopes,


hear him sip
from Nile's lip
cocao and coffee dreams --

it would be then,

that you'd know
he'd known those rivers,

he'd known

the slow,


of wearied ink;

Negro rivers.

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